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  • Virtual Wind Tunnel

    Virtual Wind Tunnel


    Just like Formula One teams, aerospace and automotive companies, you can bring real-world simulation technology into the classroom! Virtual Wind Tunnel (VWT) software uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) which analyses processes involving fluid flow,...

  • QuickCAM 2D Design

    QuickCAM 2D Design


    2D design software QuickCAM 2D Design is an advanced yet simple to use wizard-based 2D CAD/CAM package. You can create designs quickly and accurately then run the CAM wizard to create CNC machine tool paths. What will be your first design? QuickCAM 2D...

  • QuickCAM Pro / 3D Software

    QuickCAM Pro


    3D design software QuickCAM Pro is an advanced, yet simple to use, wizard based CAM package, which is used to create cutter paths for machining 3D parts on a milling machine or router. Both STL files and image files can be imported into QuickCAM Pro,...

  • QuickTURN 2D Design/CAM Software

    QuickTURN 2D


    CAD/CAM Design and Manufacture Software for Lathes QuickTURN is an advanced yet simple to use, wizard based CAD/CAM package for Lathes. You can create or import 2D profiles, configure your tooling and material settings, then run the CAM wizard to create...

  • VR CNC Milling / Operating Software

    VR CNC Milling


    CNC Machine Control Software VR Milling/Turning software features: Block Search Feature – machining can be stopped, machine shut down and restarted accurately from the last program position Work Piece / Project Offsets – this allows for...

  • VR CNC Turning / Operating Software

    VR CNC Turning


    CNC Machine Control Software VR CNC Turning is a Virtual Reality based CNC programming software package offering full machine control and Virtual Reality simulation of CNC Lathes. Features include customisable docking toolbars, comprehensive tooling...

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