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F1 in Schools

F1 in Schools is an international competition where students use their creativity and knowledge to compete in a range of categories. The program is a complete and all-encompassing STEM program which is highly engaging for students and covers a range of learning outcomes across multiple subject areas. The program also prepares students for life after school and opens their mind to career possibilities.

  • Compact 1000 Pro


    Compact 1000 / 1000 Pro

    A compact 3-axis CNC Router with a totally enclosed interlocking guard, the Compact 1000 is suitable for all levels of education and training. It is an affordable entry level router with a slightly smaller working envelope but all of the cutting...

  • F1 Race Track


    F1 Race Track

    The NEW F1 Race Track is designed and manufactured in the UK. Designed to be durable and moisture resistant, its light aluminium construction makes it easy to assemble, break down and store. It measures 23.65 metres in length, comprising 11 track...

  • Air Trace Visualisation System


    Air Trace Visualisation System

    Air Trace Visualisation SystemThe Air Trace Visualisation Tunnel is an essential part of the design, test and remake process. Featuring variable wind speeds, it’s simple to use, compact in design, and easy to set up...

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