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F1 in Schools Tracks

A range of tracks are available for the F1 in Schools Challenge.

  • Roll-out Track

    Roll-out Track

    This track can be used on a flat surface and is an alternative to the elevated track.   A Roll Out Race Track and Timing system package is available which includes the roll out track, timing gate holders, tether guides and the F1 standalone race...

  • F1 Race Control System


    F1 Race Control System

    The ultimate race package, designed for the F1 Race Track. The Start Gate is fully programmable, allowing team names to be input and results to be viewed live. Finish Gate indicators to show that power is applied and...

  • F1 Race Track


    F1 Race Track

    The NEW F1 Race Track is designed and manufactured in the UK. Designed to be durable and moisture resistant, its light aluminium construction makes it easy to assemble, break down and store. It measures 23.65 metres in length, comprising 11 track...

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