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CNC Routers

  • Denford F1 in Schools Router

    Denford F1 in Schools Router

    A 3 axis, desktop CNC Router with totally enclosed interlocking guard suitable for all levels of education and training. The F1 Router is designed specifically to machine an F1 in Schools car, with professional standard finishing. It offers a...

  • Compact 1000 Pro


    Compact 1000 / 1000 Pro

    A compact 3-axis CNC Router with a totally enclosed interlocking guard, the Compact 1000 is suitable for all levels of education and training. It is an affordable entry level router with a slightly smaller working envelope but all of the cutting...

  • Router 2600/2600 Pro


    Router 2600/2600 Pro

    The DENFORD Router 2600 is a large capacity 3-axis CNC Router suitable for all levels of education and training as well as industry. It is purpose designed and built for education with a “classroom safe” totally enclosed interlocking guard...

  • Router 6600/6600 Pro


    Router 6600/6600 Pro

    The DENFORD 6600 and 6600 Pro are large format, high speed routers (up to 25,000RPM spindle speed) complete with built-in machine bench and offering large machining capacity (table size 1080 x 640mm) at an exceptional price. The 6600/6600 Pro are...

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